We operate 7 days a week

Cleaning center Jogle works every day, including bank holidays, therefore we guarantee express service and convenience for our business and VIP clients. Working hours or weekdays are not applicable to stains and dirt – we work to help you instantly.

Uninterrupted provision of services is an advantage to the customers of cleaning center Jogle:

  • Working daily, we can immediately take care of your laundry and home textiles;
  • We will help you as soon as required: we will take express care of your festive clothes and provide other urgent services;
  • Uninterrupted service provision grants convenience to our partners, who also operate 7 days a week: restaurants, hotels, etc.;
  • You can flexibly plan cleaning and maintenance of textiles and fabrics by creating schedules covering any day of the week;
  • Holidays are very important for most of our customers, so we provide you services every day, 7 days a week, all year round.

For customers

Cleaning center Jogle works daily – all you need is to choose the most convenient center and order any required services immediately. Working 7 days a week, we can provide various cleaning services faster while time is of the essence in order to preserve the original appearance of the garment. You can trust Jogle cleaning experts at all times: whether it is a stained party dress or urgent home textile cleaning. Convenience, quality and the ability to take care of clothes and home textiles immediately – theses are the benefits that cleaning center Jogle offers to the customers.

For business partners

We work every day to provide uninterrupted service to all business partners: hotels, restaurants, Airbnb customers or event organizers. You can use the services of cleaning center Jogle as required or conveniently plan a schedule for our professionals to take care of your laundry and textiles. Plan your work freely without worrying about cleaning services. We work every day and we are ready to help you whenever required.