Free delivery

Cleaning center Jogle allows you to manage your laundry, clothes and home textiles quickly and easy, without stepping your foot from your home. Responsible Jogle drivers will arrive to collect your clothes and other laundry at the indicated address in Vilnius city and will deliver them washed or cleaned and scented. Only four steps and you will be able to enjoy clean, neatly looking clothes again: contact the cleaning center Jogle, hand in cleaning clothes and textiles to the courier, Jogle experts will clean them and the courier will deliver it to the appointed address. Everything is so simple!

Free delivery service is always available to Jogle VIP and loyal business customers. For private customers, free shipping is available upon request when ordering cleaning services for 300 euro or more. Become a customer of Jogle and benefit from our loyalty program offers!

Advantages of delivery services for Jogle VIP customers and loyal business partners:

  • Save time: you do not need to travel to the reception center, get stuck in traffic, waste time parking or change your personal daily schedule;
  • Save costs: deliveries are free; therefore you will save on traveling to the reception center;
  • Enjoy the convenience: you can call Jogle courier by telephone at your convenience and take care of your laundry without stepping a foot from your home or office;
  • Get express service: do not wait until it is time to deliver laundry and textile to the reception center and do not delay any of the work for the next day – Jogle will take care of it all and will do it in the shortest time possible.

Fast, convenient and high quality – we operate to provide our customers with the highest standards of care. We have established a free delivery service that allows cleaning services to be delivered more quickly and conveniently, ensuring the highest quality. Together, we help our customers and business partners save time, which grants them more free time with family and their loved ones, more time for leisure activities or more attention to their business needs. Clean clothes and home textiles do not compromise, so we encourage you not look for compromise either – choose the most convenient free delivery provided by Jogle.