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Service Price Euro (excluding material)
Trousers and jeans tilting by lengthening or shortening, machine thread 9.00
Trousers and jeans tilting by lengthening or shortening, manual 13.00
Skirt and dress tilting by lengthening or shortening 11.00/14.00
Jacket and coat tilting by lengthening or shortening 19.00/23.00
Replacement of trousers zipper 16.00
Replacement of dress zipper 17.00/20.00
Replacement of jacket zipper, without lining 21.00/29.00
Replacement of dress lining 27.00
Replacement of coat lining 39.00/51.00
Replacement of zipper head 6.00
Natural leather skirt, trousers tilting 23.00
Natural leather jacket or coat sleeve tilting 24.00
Natural fur coat tilting 49.00
Natural leather jacket zipper replacement 37.00
Natural leather jacket lining replacement 43.00


* prices may vary depending on the model of product, length, size, fabric composition, etc., therefore the exact price list is available in our reception centers

” – ” – discount is not applicable with loyalty card or the service is not available

* Price indicated in Euro incl. VAT


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