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We take care of cleaning of our customer’s clothes and their quality for more than 20 years. The acquired experience, as well as latest cleaning and washing technologies applied, make it possible to achieve the best results.


We use ecologically clean, environmentally, texture and resistance as well as human health friendly detergents.



Our specialists iron clothes in a special way – with warm air and steam. The final result is perfectly body-fitting garment, a fabric with no unwanted gloss or stitch marks.


Super cleaning

The fabric of a garment that has already been faded may look like new again if the fiber tufts on the surface of the fabric are removed. Our service, called “Super cleaning”, reinstates the original appearance to the fabric, removing tufts from sweaters, coats and other garments.

Stain removal

Stains from the fabric must be removed before washing or cleaning the garment. It may be really difficult to do this at home effectively and there is always a risk that the garment may be irreparably damaged. In order to avoid the risk, trust this work with Jogle specialists.

Cleaning of occasional clothing

Life is full of special occasions: wedding, child’s christening ceremony or a first date … Enjoy your special occasion without any worries and trust Jogle professionals to take care of your clothes.

Our wardrobes secure all kinds ofclothes made of different fabrics. Each fabric is individual and therefore requires appropriatelytailored care. Clothing manufacturers always recommend applying special maintenance solutionsfor their product: some clothes can only be washed; somecan only be dry cleaned, and the others maybe washed and cleaned. The information on the label is like a clothing passport, which is very important to follow for both – the customer and the cleaning expert.

Clothes require cleaning or washing not only when stains are noticeable. Cleanliness of the clothes should be taken care of constantly as dust and sweat is absorbed deeply into the tissue from the environment, yet we all want to feel good and healthy.

Jogle cleaning center staff has been taking care of customer clothing maintenance and quality for 21 years. We apply only the most up-to-date cleaning and washing technologies in our business, we use ecologically clean, environmental, fabric structure and resistance as well as human healthfriendly detergents.


Clothes that have lost their shape and aesthetic look, are cleaned, washed, ironed and prepared for everyday wear. Jogle specialists iron clothes in a special way, i.e. with warm air and steam, so the final result is a perfectly body-fitting garment, a fabric with no unwanted gloss or stitch marks.

To make clothes look fresh again after wearing, the fibrous tufts that appear on the surface of the fabric should be removed. Cleaning center Jogle provides a service called “Super cleaning”, which removes tufts from sweaters, coats and other garments.

Each of us has special occasions: for some these are weddings, others have a baby christening ceremony or a first date … Let yourself enjoy your occasion, celebrate it as if it was the last day of your life. Trust all the worries about your clothes to Jogle professionals.

Textile clothing cleaning, washing and ironing service take 2-3 working days. However time-saving customers may benefit from using express cleaning service – if required we can take care of your clothes in one day or in just a few hours.

Clothes cleaning, washing and ironing

Pricelist of services

Products Valymas, skalbimas ir lyginimasCleaning, washing and ironing Tik lyginimasIroning only
Price Euro Price Euro
with loyalty card
Price Euro Price Euro
with loyalty card
Shirt, blouse short sleeve 5.00 4.00 3.50 2.80
Shirt, blouse long sleeve 6.00 4.80 4.20 3.36
Sweater 9.00 7.20 6.30 5.04
Sweater large 12.00 9.60 8.40 6.72
Trousers, jeans 10.00 8.00 7.00 5.60
Skirt short 8.00 6.40 5.60 4.48
Skirt long 10.00 8.00 7.00 5.60
Jacket 13.00 10.40 9.10 7.28
Dress short 15.00 12.00 10.50 8.40
Dress long 19.00 15.20 13.30 10.64
Dress occasional 28.00 12.40 19.60 15.68
Dress wedding 69.00 55.20 48.30 38.64
Jacket non-padded  15.00  12.00  10.50  8.40
Jacket padded  19.00  15.20  13.30  10.64
Jacket down  25.00  20.00  17.50  14.00
Top coat  18.00  14.40  12.60  10.08
Coat  20.00  16.00 14.00  11.20
Trench coat  19.00  15.20  13.30  10.64
Trench coat padded  23.00  18.40  16.10  12.88
Overall  25.00  20.00  17.50  14.00
Soutane, gown  28.00  22.40  19.60  15.68
Tie  8.00 6.40  5.60  4.48
Hat, shawl, scarf  6.00  4.80  4.20  3.36
Additional services % from regular price
Children clothes (up to 7 yrs.116 cm of height) -40%
„Super cleaning“ service (tuft removal) +30%
Ironing -30%
Express cleaning (within 2-24 hrs.) +100%
VIP service +150%


* prices may vary depending on the model of product, length, size, fabric composition, etc., therefore the exact price list is available in our reception centers

” – ” – discount is not applicable with loyalty card or the service is not available

* prices are indicated in Euro incl. VAT

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“I study and work in London. I have the opportunity to return to Lithuania quite often. My first job and concern is to handle my clothes which I always clean in Lithuania, using the services of Jogle. I tried a few cleaning service providers abroad, but there is no comparison to Jogle. The others do not even have a clue how to do hosiery super cleaning, but Jogle does it perfectly. They are not even able to deal with spiky stains, but always take care of my clothes buttons and buckles. Service staff is very pleasant and willing to advise. It is obvious that people there work with love and know their job well. My mother and me have been using the services ofJogle for many years, so we both wish Jogle great achievements in the future.”


“The establishmentof Jogle has fundamentally changed our lives. Finally, I came to perception that my beloved silk, cashmere and wool products will serve me for a long time, as most of them would not have survived machine washing. I’ve been a customer since the very first days and during these years, Jogle did not disappoint me at any point. Everything is perfectly clean and neatly packed. If in doubt, the service staff girls always call. Thank you for being.”

Ingrida Gelminauskiene

“Once I tried to replace Jogle with another cleaning services provider. And … I returned using their services instantly, having clearly understood what we are paying for in Jogle. For CLEANLINESS, quality and perfect service. Today, I can only humbly apologize for my “infidelity” and enjoy clean, undamaged clothes of mine and my whole family. And finally, thank Jogle team again and again for the wonderful and effective cooperation in the battle with dirty laundry. 🙂 Thank you.”

Agne Grigaliuniene

“Yes, I love Jogle and not only me … The whole family loves Jogle, since it is our best assistant on the farm. And the girls working in Vilnius “Akropolis” are so pleasant and kind, therefore we doubtlessly bring our small farmly problems to Jogle.”

Rita Zakiene

“I’ve tried several cleaning service providers but I am still returning to Jogle because I am always welcomed there with a smile. The clothes are always perfectly clean and even repaired if required. I recommend Jogle to everyone. “

Aleksandras T.

“I have been a customer of Jogle for many years. I am grateful to the staff for the great care of my clothes and nice services. I always feel welcome there when I visit. Thank you very much for your work! “

Lina Duobiene

“I would like to sincerely thank you for the work you are doing.
The service and professionalism of Jogle staff should never be doubted when choosing a service provider. I have never been disappointed with the quality or service. I always recommend using only the services of Jogle to my friends and relatives as I trust you completely. Best of luck in your work!”

Daiva Linkeviciene

“I want to thank your company for the quality you have been maintaining for so many years. Moreover, I am always pleased with the service of your employees: their attention, willingness to help and nice communication. Wishing you to continuously maintain the best you have achieved!!! “

Inga Doveikiene

“I would like to thank you for the excellent attendance and the impeccable services!”

Giedre Zilyte

“My friend recommended Jogle so I tried your services several times. I am very pleased not only with the quality of service but also with an affordable price. Bravo. “

Zivile N.

“I am a person who is constantly rushing. If required, my clothes are cleaned and delivered within a few hours. Fantastic! You are my saviors.”

Edgaras K.

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