Products for your home already in Jogle!

Jogle cleaning centers offer you a variety of high quality products with excellent properties, which make it easier to take care of the cleanliness and coziness of your home. These products are greatly appreciated by both our local customers and clients around the world: home scents, products for home-cleaning, textiles and general home care. You can find the entire assortment on our website Also, the selected items can be purchased at the largest Jogle reception centers in Vilnius. For the convenience of our customers, we are planning to launch an e-shop, so the purchase of the desired goods will be even more convenient and faster.

Take a look, try and become fond of the products carefully selected for you:

  • Durance products of excellent quality and naturalness come from the region of Provence in France. Even 95% composition of these products contains natural ingredients that are carefully selected and perfectly matched with each other. Each Durance branded package contains natural resources that you can enjoy everyday. Containing no parabens, silicon or artificial coloring, these products have excellent properties, work gently and smell pleasantly. Discover home-made scents and candles, products for cleaning and for textiles from Provence.
  • Culti is probably the most famous Italian fragrance home. It is the world’s first perfume house that created a home scent with aroma-embedded rattan sticks. Culti home scents meet the highest criteria, of fashion which pleases the most exclusive tastes of the customers, reminiscent of niche perfume brands. Choose your home fragrance from a wide range of Culti scents –there is a selection of 12 exclusive aromas.
  • Lochherber – natural, high quality scent for home carefully selected and created in Italy. The scent contains 20% of perfume essence; therefore you can enjoy the scent longer. Lochherber uses only natural essential oils for the production of home scents. In the largest Jogle cleaning centers in Vilnius, you can buy the products appreciated by Lithuanian customers which are distinguished by their exclusive aromas: “Klinto 1817”, “Habana tabacco”, “Malabar pepper”, “Azad cashmere”, “Bourbon vanilla”, etc. Probably everyone would like to plunge into the mildew breath of spices or the kingdom of cozy and mild cashmere. Exclusive Locherber home scents will help you in this journey.
  • Cereria molla 1899 – a novelty for home scent lovers! Cereria Molla 1899 is a line of products that is immediately discovered and appreciated by customers. Cereria Molla 1899 home scents and handmade natural wax candles are manufactured with particular care, paying attention to the finest details. These high quality products that are produced in Spain are 100% natural and delicately scented.
  • Compagnie de provence produces natural cleaning products for home use: dishwashing detergents, universal cleaners, scented bedding sprays and liquid soap for hands. These products originated in France have been produced without colorants, animal fat and synthetic additives. The products are unique, decorative and contemporary. You can choose from a variety of 3 different scents: lavender, black jasmine or anise and patchouli.
  • Antoine high quality products have a unique composition and exceptional scent and are produced in France. These products are designed for those who are looking for exclusivity in their homes in everyday life. Antoine scents are made from materials that are commonly used in haute-couture perfumery. The business card of this brand is detergents with exceptional, pleasant, yet unbothersome masculine and feminine aromas. Antoine detergents contain nutritional dyes, so all products have different shades, depending on the smell line. These dyes dissolve during the washing process and do not dye the tissues. You can choose from 3 different scents: “Classic”, “Intense” and “Pour elle”.


In the center of the Jogle, we have selected the home-made scents and measures for textile and household care with special care. We strive for you, our customers, to offer the best that is proud of the world-renowned manufacturers. High selection standards have allowed us to make a selection of products with outstanding features and high quality components. The natural properties of plants, the multi-year experience of producers and the best perfume choices are products that we can be proud of. Discover, try, and do not hesitate to miss you!