Curtain cleaning with hanging service

Curtains provide comfort and harmony for our environment, they instantly refresh and enliven the interior, protects the objects from direct sunlight. Curtain maintenance is a significant part of keeping order and cleanliness at home or office. Finely maintained curtains accumulate less dust, which results in causing less allergic reactions, and also prolong the exploitation time.

In order to clean or wash them, curtains need to be removed first. It is no secret that this work can be difficult, and sometimes it even requires using high ladders, which we do not usually have at home or in the office. In addition, curtains are usually large and often difficult to fit into standard washing machines, and some can only be dry-cleaned. Besides of that, the troublesome curtain ironing and re-hanging process is also there … For your convenience, cleaning center Jogle in the area of Vilnius city and its surroundings, will not only take care of curtain washing or cleaning, but will also come to your home or workplace, take curtains or blinds, cleaned then and hang the back again.

Take care of your curtains quickly and easily. All you need to do is order a service at cleaning center Jogle or simply call the phone +370 62011177. Our staff will arrive at the indicated address, take the curtains and deliver them to the cleaning center for cleaning. After a short period of time, our staff will hang cleaned curtains in your home or office. With Jogle, you will be able to enjoy fresh and cleaned curtains.

Curtain cleaning with hanging service offers benefits that you can take advantage of:

  • You can order the service by phone; you do not have to go to the reception center;
  • Jogle staff will arrive on the agreed time at the specified address of your home or office and will collect the curtains;
  • The curtains will be washed or dry cleaned quickly and professionally, we will reinstate the original appearance to the fabric, remove spots, and, if necessary, do the repair work;
  • Jogle staff will come and hang clean curtains at your appointed time in your home or office.

This service is fast, convenient and professional which makes cleaning practically effortless. For more information on curtain cleaning with hanging service and other services provided by cleaning center Jogle, please visit choosing the “Services” section. You will also get detailed information and useful maintenance advice at every department cleaning center Jogle or by calling +370 62011177. Jogle is a trusted partner, taking care of cleanliness in around you.